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Experienced support in the event of an incident

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Incident Investigation

Support available when you need it most, our experienced NEBOSH qualified consultants are on hand to provide expertise at all stages of an incident investigation. 

Recommended stages of an incident investigation:

  • Report and escalate

  •  Collect evidence to establish facts, including interviewing involved parties/witnesses

  •  Analyse evidence to confirm factual timeline of events

  •  Immediate cause failure analysis

  • Root cause failure analysis and lessons to be learned

  • Remedial actions identified and assigned

  • Preventative actions identified

  • Confirmation of remedial actions completed

This service is available for whether you need us to take the lead and run the investigation from start to finish, or just be on hand to help analyse findings and advise on resolution as you move through the stages of investigation with your internal team. 

Intervention from HSE

If there is a potential breach of health and safety law, a HSE inspector or team of HSE inspectors will investigate the alleged breach. 

 They will look to:

  • determine causes

  • share lessons

  • identify what actions a duty holder needs to take to prevent any recurrence

  • where appropriate, gather evidence to bring a prosecution

If you require assistance with potential or ongoing intervention from HSE, please contact our consultants who will advise if we are able to assist. 

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