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Tailored SHEQ documentation for your business

SHEQ policies, procedures, risk assessments, COSHH assessments..

Having up to date and accurate documentation is not only a health and safety essential, it is often a legal requirement. Ensuring you stay compliant is not only protecting your employees but also your business.

We have seen many companies fall foul of gaps in their management systems from their accident records not being up to date, manuals that do not cover the minimum requirement or procedures that do not accurately reflect the task at hand.


Don't leave yourself open to potential claims, fines or enforcement action, our Compliance team can provide a full GAP analysis of your documentation to ensure it meets the correct standard. Anything that needs to be reviewed or created will be produced by our in-house team and tailored for your business.


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Site and internal management system auditing services

Internal Audit Scheduling

An increasingly in-demand service, our auditing services can be tailored to suit the needs of any organisation. 

 Many companies already have an established management system but look at an independent audit for critical analysis and learnings. 

Whether it is on site or remote, NOVUS SHEQ consultants will provide you with a comprehensive report and recommendations to help support you with resolutions, unlike other consultancy services that just highlight the issues.

External Audit Support

We support companies all over the UK with a variety of external audits and inspections.


This can be tailored to meet your requirements but usually includes:

  • Pre audit health check

  • Report on diagnosed non-conformances including recommended resolution

  • Resolution support, if required

  • "On-the-day" audit support 

This support can be completed either remotely or on site, with access via encrypted systems to protect any electronic documents and data shared at all times. 

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